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Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

We understand that holidays are tough, especially in recovery and when battling addiction. Many of us might be in situations where going back to hometowns means old stomping grounds and risky business. Also, for those of you that might still be struggling, we want you to know that we are here for you and would like you to spend this day with us, have access to resources and also, be with people who understand what it’s like to have holidays burdened with reminders of difficult times in our lives - past or present! On three major holidays, WorkStuff keeps its doors open for these reasons.

This year, we are hosting our Thanksgiving lunch tradition at HOPE for New Hampshire Recovery! We have partnered with vital community resources in Manchester, Live Free Recovery Services, Home Sober Living, Adira Sober Living & Saint Christopher’s Recovery to make this Thanksgiving tradition full of unified community, love and lots of fun!

Please join us, and please share this to your page so that any person in the greater Manchester community has this welcoming event for all right in their back pocket!

We hope to see any and all of you there!


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