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Meet Chris Francis

But that was just the beginning of his remarkable story! After a year of hard work and determination, Chris set his sights on a new goal – to support others battling substance abuse disorder.

And guess what?

He not only applied but landed a position at the very organization he aspired to join, starting this January! 🌟 Talk about turning dreams into reality! But wait, there's more – Chris also holds a management role with one of our close community partners, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to service.

We couldn't be prouder of Chris – his accomplishments speak volumes, and his unwavering commitment to his own recovery is truly inspiring.

When he's not busy making strides in his professional life, Chris finds solace in his passions – from creating music and photography to exploring various forms of art. 🎵📸🎨 

His proudest achievement? His own personal transformation and the impact he's making on changing perceptions surrounding recovery and addiction.

Here's to Chris – a beacon of hope and resilience, shaping a brighter future for himself and others! 💫


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